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  • From: "trapper" <trapper@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "Pc-Ductape" <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 15:54:56 -0900

ok let me back up and take another approach to this subject..
Lets assume your right Pam and that Bob is too.

it is this quoted printable thing causing the 20's...and it is absence or 
presence of a blank..( not sure which it is ).
my question then is where and why did it all of a sudden appear...?
came out of no where...Did we all make changes or something on one day in 
My setting s have been the exact same since day 1..never changed a thing..all 
of a sudden there are 20's showing up..Why.. ? I have always been set to the  
"quoted printable"  option from day one...

How is it that no matter what my settings are changed too I still see the 20's 
and now I myself produce them, but only from time to time..
I can set to base64, or none and still get them. makes no dif. what those 
settings are..the 20's still come?? Not all the time..that is what is so 
maddening about this..its a intermittent problem..

How is it that they are produced from scratch and not just in a reply?? I have 
sent out msgs asking if there were 20's showing up and you answered yes back. 
The original message asking was not in a reply but from an original?

something just isn't adding up..it's a on again off again problem..
It seems to me if it were based on any one thing wouldn't it always be there if 
you still used the same old thing and did not change out of what was causing 
the problem in the first place..?
Why would the " quoted printable " cause the error one time and not the next?

You got anyone there at school Pam that can shed some light on this??
I don;t find it good enough at this time to just say " it is because of this or 
that " Why..because it is not logical in its conclusion and just about the time 
you think you have it solved it pops up again..

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