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I agree with you..?

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Hello trapper,

Monday, December 30, 2002, 6:54:56 PM, you wrote:

t> it is this quoted printable thing causing the 20's...and it is
t> absence or presence of a blank..( not sure which it is ). my
t> question then is where and why did it all of a sudden appear...?
t> came out of no where...Did we all make changes or something on one
t> day in particular? My setting s have been the exact same since day
t> 1..never changed a thing..all of a sudden there are 20's showing
t> up..Why.. ? I have always been set to the "quoted printable" option
t> from day one...

Quoted-Printable has generally been replaced by MIME-Coded.  Some
systems have trouble handling Quoted-Printable properly.  If it gets
mangled, as in Sandi's case (those three lines at the top of her
messages SHOULD have been in the header -- apparently a blank line was
inserted before those three lines), then the receiving end will
not be able to re-create the message correctly.

Quoted-Printable not only breaks long lines by putting an equal sign
at the end, it also converts certain characters that may not make it
through the system properly.  As you've seen, sometime it'll convert a
space to "=20".  The 20 is hexadecimal; in decimal it is 32, which is
the ASCII value for a space.  The "=3D" is decimal 61, which is the
ASCII value for an equal sign.  Since Printed-Quotable uses equal
signs, then any equal signs in the message MUST be quoted in order to
prevent problems on the receiving end.

Best regards,
 Scott                            mailto:Wizard@xxxxxxxx

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