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  • Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 10:52:24 -0800

I have to agree with that. Maybe after wave 5 or  something like htat. Oh, 
and another sugestion. It would be jice if we could hold down the arrow 
keys. That would make it much easier.
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> High Phillip benfall, this is Joseph weakland. I tried to email you off 
> list but your message bounced back to me. Is your hotmail box closed or 
> over quota or did you change email addresses. Well my suggestion is this. 
> if you are able can you fix the dark destroyer program so after each level 
> if no ships land you get a point bonus like alien outback does? that would 
> be cool for a update in the future. if you changed email addresses write 
> me off list.
> your friend Joe
> Joseph weakland
> email:
> josephweakland@xxxxxxxxx
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