[Paws On Wheels] Transport Help Needed~~OK/KS/IA/MN/WI/MO/IL~~April 5-6 (and April 4th overnight in STL)

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Here is the preliminary run sheet for April 5th and 6th.  This run will start 
in Altus, OK, with passengers going to Richfield, MN, LaCrosse, WI, St. Louis 
(Valley Park), MO, Mt. Vernon, IL,  LaSalle, IL, Bolingbrook, IL, and Chicago, 

We also have three large dogs needing overnighted in St. Louis on Friday night. 
 The time is TBD, Michel will pick them up Friday and Derek will take them to 
Chicago on Saturday.

The sign up for 4/4-4/6 can be found at 

The passenger list for 4/4-4/6 is at 
The legs currently in need are listed below.


Overnights in St. Louis (Time TBD)   (3) - Three passengers located at bottom 
of the main passenger list.

Leg 1: Altus, OK to Elgin, OK (66 miles) 8:30AM -
9:35AM  (12)
Leg 2: Elgin, OK to Oklahoma City, OK (82 miles) 9:50AM -
11:05AM  (12)
Leg 2C: Tonkawa, OK to Oklahoma City, OK (79 miles)  9:55AM -
11:05AM  (2)
Leg 3: Oklahoma City, OK to Tulsa, OK (89 miles) 11:50AM -
1:10PM  (27)
Leg 4: Tulsa, OK to Joplin, MO (117 miles) 1:25PM -
3:15PM  (27)
Leg 5: Joplin, MO to Springfield, MO (75 miles) 3:30PM -
4:50PM  (27)
Leg 6: Springfield, MO to Rolla, MO (109 miles) 5:05PM -
6:50PM  (28)
Leg 7: Rolla, MO to St. Louis, MO (Valley Park) (86
miles) 7:05PM - 8:30PM  (28)
Overnights in St. Louis 8:30PM - 8:00AM  (22)
Leg 3MN: Oklahoma City, OK to Tonkawa, OK (79 miles) 11:50AM
- 1:00PM  (4)
Leg 4MN: Tonkawa, OK to Andover, KS (79 miles) 1:15PM -
2:35PM  (6)
Leg 5MN: Andover, KS to Beto Junction, KS (99 miles) 2:50PM -
4:20PM  (6)
Leg 6MN: Beto Junction, KS to Overland Park, KS (74
miles) 4:35PM - 5:45PM  (6)
Overnights in Kansas City area (Overland Park) 6:00PM -
9:00AM  (6)

Leg 8IL: St. Louis, MO (Valley Park) to Mt. Vernon (94
miles) 8:00AM - 9:30AM  (2)
Leg 8: St. Louis, MO (Valley Park) to Litchfield, IL (64
miles) 8:00AM - 9:10AM  (20)
Leg 9: Litchfield, IL to Springfield, IL (43 miles) 9:25AM -
10:15AM  (20)
Leg 10: Springfield, IL to Bloomington, IL (66 miles) 10:30AM
- 11:40AM  (20)
Leg 11: Bloomington, IL to Dwight, IL (58 miles) 11:55AM -
12:55PM  (17)
Leg 12: Dwight, IL to Bollingbrook, IL (51 miles) 1:10PM -
2:00PM  (17)
Leg 11B: Bloomington, IL to LaSalle, IL (64 miles) 11:55AM -
1:10PM  (3)
Leg 7MN: Overland Park, KS to Bethany, MO (103 miles) 9:00AM
- 10:35AM  (6)
Leg 8MN: Bethany, MO to Des Moines, IA (114 miles) 10:50AM -
12:25PM  (6)
Leg 9MN: Des Moines, IA to Hampton, IA (88 miles) 12:40PM -
2:00PM  (6)
Leg 10MN: Hampton, IA to Albert Lea, MN (67 miles)  2:15PM -
3:15PM  (6)
Leg 11MN: Albert Lea, MN to Richfield, MN (87 miles) 3:30PM -
4:45PM  (5)
Leg 11WI: Albert Lea, MN to Rochester, MN (60 Miles) 3:30PM -
4:30PM (1)
Leg 12WI Rochester, MN to La Crosse, WI (67 Miles) 4:45PM -
5:50PM (1)

Paws On Wheels TransportsSara, Lisa, Teri, and Connie  

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