[Paws On Wheels] Transport Help Needed~~OK/KS/IA/MN/MO/IL~~December 7th/8th

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Here is the preliminary run sheet for December 7th & 8th.  This run will start 
in Altus, OK, with passengers going to Albert Lea, MN, Richfield, MN, 
Springfield, MO, St. Robert, MO, St. Louis, MO, Bolingbrook, IL, and LaSalle, 
The sign up for 12/7 - 12/8 can be found at 
The passenger list for 12/7 - 12/8 can be found at 
In addition to what is currently shown in the passenger details the Sign Up 
Genius relfects the addition of bully pups (8 weeks), Boomer a 55# Black mouth 
Cur mix and 3 heeler pups (14 weeks) less than 10# each.  The rest of the 
weights will beup dated tonight as well, they should be Ada and Marie 25# each, 
Pheobe 15#, Guinevere 55#, and Dakota 55#.  Sorry my work computer will not let 
me add them to the Google doc right now~~Sara
Additionally we are watching winter storm Cleon carefully this week and hoping 
to get this run in but it's not looking so great right now.  We will continue 
to watch through the week and cancel if needed but would really like to 
continue adding drivers in the hopes it will be ok rather than scramble more at 
the last minute if the weather doesn't get as bad as predicted. 
The legs currently in need are listed below.
Leg 1: Altus, OK to Elgin, OK (66 miles)   8:30AM - 9:35AM  (19)
Leg 2: Elgin, OK to Oklahoma City, OK (82 miles)   9:50AM - 11:05AM  (23)
Leg 3: Oklahoma City, OK to Tulsa, OK (89 miles)   11:50AM - 1:10PM  (13)
Leg 4: Tulsa, OK to Joplin, MO (117 miles)   1:25PM - 3:15PM  (21)
Leg 5: Joplin, MO to Springfield, MO (75 miles)   3:30PM - 4:50PM  (23)
Leg 6: Springfield, MO to Rolla, MO (109 miles)   5:05PM - 6:50PM  (12)-with 
stop in St. Roberts to drop off 6 passengers
Leg 7: Rolla, MO to St. Louis, MO (Valley Park) (86 miles)   7:05PM - 8:30PM  
Overnights in St. Louis   8:30PM - 8:00AM  (10)
Leg 4MN: Tonkawa, OK to Andover, KS (79 miles)   1:15PM - 2:35PM  (10)
Leg 8: St. Louis, MO (Valley Park) to Litchfield, IL (64 miles)   8:00AM - 
9:10AM  (6)
Leg 9: Litchfield, IL to Springfield, IL (43 miles)   9:25AM - 10:15AM  (13)
Leg 10: Springfield, IL to Bloomington, IL (66 miles)   10:30AM - 11:40AM  (13)
Leg 11: Bloomington, IL to Dwight, IL (58 miles)   11:55AM - 12:55PM  (6)
Leg 12: Dwight, IL to Bollingbrook, IL (51 miles)   1:10PM - 2:00PM  (10)
Leg 8MN: Bethany, MO to Des Moines, IA (114 miles)   11:10AM - 12:50PM  (10)
Leg 10MN: Hampton, IA to Albert Lea, MN (67 miles)    2:50PM - 3:50PM  (10)
Leg 11MN: Albert Lea, MN to Richfield, MN (87 miles)   4:05PM - 5:25PM  (9)
Paws On Wheels Transports
Sara, Emily, Lisa, Teri, and Connie

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