[Paws On Wheels] CODE RED~~Altus, OK to KS/IA/MN/MO/IL~~March 9th-10th

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We are so close yet so far at the same time. Please, help if you are able and 
share if you know someone who might be able to help, too! Thank you all for 
everything you do to make these transports possible :)

This week's transport will be headed to Richfield, MN, St. Louis, MO, St. 
Charles, MO, and LaSalle, IL.

The passenger list can be found at: 

The Sign Up Genius run sheet to sign up at can be found at: 
The legs still needed for this run are listed below, the number in ( ) is the 
number of passengers still needing a ride on each leg.


Leg 2: Elgin, OK to Oklahoma City, OK (82 miles)  10:20AM - 11:35AM  (8)Leg 6: 
Springfield, MO to Rolla, MO (109 miles)  5:05PM - 6:50PM  (10) 
Leg 3MN: Oklahoma City, OK to Tonkawa, OK (79 miles)   11:50AM - 1:00PM  (5)
Leg 8MN: Bethany, MO to Des Moines, IA (114 miles)   11:10AM - 12:50PM  (11)  
Paws On Wheels Transports
Sara, Emily, Lisa, and Elif

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