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If anyone plans to us your singup list in Sign Up Genius as a starting point 
(list) of runs you helped with in 2013 for tax purposes (there is a 501c3 
charity on either the sending or recieving end of all transports) please grab 
what you need by 2/21/14.  After that I will begin removing some of the older 
runs, it's getting pretty cluttered over here on the admin page.  The Sign Up 
Genius stuff isn't 100% accurate because of splits and signups that might have 
been entered without your email (the few cases where an admin added you from 
the POW side w/o an email address), you should have a copy of the final run 
sheet email for your tax records.  If you need copies of old run sheets 
forwarded please send a list of the ones you need.  I think as I start removing 
old signups they will be removed from the list on your side.

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Sara, Emily, Lisa, Teri, and Connie

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