[pasteurstation] "Relieved of Command"

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    There was never a time he felt like being in C&C like now.  All the brass and big shots were still around from the Fyrstk funeral, and Rayne really wanted nothing to do with them.  The Firegon were still out there, and there was still preparations to be made.
    Entering the station commander's officer (which Rayne never wanted to call his own), Rayne slid behind the desk and pulled up the latest listening post reports.  His attention was quickly drawn away by the chime of his officer door ringing.
    "Enter."  As Rayne looked at the opening door, two admirals entered.  One was Admiral Kathryn Janeway, and the second and admiral he didn't know, but had seen with that new ensign at the science console.
    "Captain," Janeway said as she approached his desk.  "I have come to relieve you of your command."
    "Wha..." Rayne's stomach felt like it had just dropped straight out.  He never really wanted command of the station, but to just have it ripped from him?  "Why?  What's going on?"
    "Relax, Rayne," Janeway said, a smile coming to her face.  "I have other things in mind for you.  I have asked Commodore Fyrstk to take command of Pasteur."
    "He was going to resign his commission," the second admiral said.  If Rayne could only remember that ensign's name.  "He wants something more stable than life on a starship for his children."
    "That is understandable, sirs," Rayne commented.  "P...please.  Have a seat.  Can I get either of your something to drink?"
    "No.  Thank you, Captain," Janeway replied.  The second admiral shook his head as well.  Rayne sat back down.
    "So, you obviously don't want me to stay on as XO here, either," Rayne surmised.
    "You are correct," Janeway answered.  "I want you to take temporary command of the Pathfinder for Operation Pushback."
    "Operation Pushback?"
    "Yes," the second admiral answered.  "We need to take a stand against the Firegon.  We cannot go to war against them, the fleet is still too ravaged from the last Borg attacks."
    "Commodore Fyrstk will have over-all command of the campaign," Janeway continued.  "You, Captain Marqusa, Commander Haas, all have first-hand knowledge of the Firegon and their tactics.  Though them utilizing a cloaking device is new, Lukas assures me it is very 'visible' if you know what to look for."
    "What kind of leeway are we going to have over the Firegon?" Rayne asked.  "How much force do we use?"
    "We're taking the cuffs off on this, Rayne," Janeway said.  "If you feel it necessary to shoot first to get the message across, then so be it."
    Rayne smiled.  That would certainly surprise the Firegon. "And once this .... campaign is over?  What of me then?"
    "I already have a new ship being prepped for you, Captain," Janeway said with a smile.  "You have been desk-bound long enough."
    "And when does this all take place?"
    "Well," spoke up the unnamed admiral.  "We would like to give Lukas a couple days to settle his family.  But, we can't wait too long, considering the size of the Firegon fleet."
    "So,if you could... help Lukas transition," Janeway added.
    "Of course," Rayne agreed.
    "Excellent," Janeway said, rising.  "Admiral Landers and I have to get back to Command so we will leave this all in yours and Lukas' capable hands."
    Landers!  That's the kid's name!  Rayne rose and shook both the admiral's hands.  "Have a safe journey back, Admiral."  Both Janeway and Landers nodded their thanks.
    "Safe hunting, Captain," Janeway rejoined, exiting the office.
Captain Rayne McCloud
Former CO. Pasteur Station.

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