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  • Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 22:48:32 -0400

    The trip back to Pasteur took twenty six hours.  Lukas was going to head for the Eagle, but found out they were int Sector 742, which would have added another day to his journey.  Ronnie had still had a problem seeing out of his left eye. 
    Malachi had used the emergency med kit, to take care of the damage done to his cheek, but did not know what to do about Ronnie's eye, so he fashioned up a patch to go over the twin's left eye.  This was totally fine by Ronnie, as he had always wanted to be a pirate.
    As soon as Whisper touched down in the VIP landing bay, Lukas picked Ronov up to take him directly to the infirmary.  He didnt' want the boy to have to walk all the way, bare-footed.  He looked to Malachi as they exited the shuttle.
    "You want to go and get him some clothing?" Lukas asked of his oldest son.
    "Sure..." Malachi acknowledged.  His words were cut off as a lieutenatn approached them.
    "Commodore," the officer said.  "Captain McCloud requests your immediate presence in main ops."
    "Tell the captain Ah have to get mah son...."
    "I will take him, Dad," Malachi offered.  He could see the frustration on the lieutenant's face.  Lukas looked at Malachi a moment, then nodded, handing Ronnie off to him.
    "Ah can walk," Lukas heard Ronnie complain as he walked off with the Pasteur officer.

    "Commodore," Captain Rayne McCloud said as Lukas entered main ops.  "I am so glad to hear you got your son back, and very sorry about your wife."
    "Thank you, Captain," Lukas acknowledged, but it was clear he was annoyed.  "Ah hope you didn't take me away from mah son just to say that."
    "No.  Of course not, sir." Rayne told him.  "It's just that Firegon activity has increased a hundred-fold since you informed us you were on your way.  They have ships going everywhere."
    "Looking for me, no doubt," Lukas commented.  His mood lightened slightly.  "They obviously don't take kahndly to losing a hodok."
    "Sound like a good story, sir," Rayne said with a smile.  "I am d..."
    "Captain,"  the science officer suddely called out.  "Long range sensors are showing three Firegon ships heading for Sector 742"


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