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I guess that the confusion is communicating that there is an obstacle ahead, 
finding the defined pathway and knowing that is what it is supposed to be.  You 
also do not want to impede visibility for drivers.
However, when I find garbage cans located on the curb where the crosswalk is, 
that is not an unusual occurance.  It's the sanitation workers' version of a 
Helen Keller joke.  I speak from experience as I have to locate them a few 
times a day as a repository for Frisco's offerings.  There is no consistency 
from day to day.  So many possibilities.  This morning, one of the ones at my 
own intersection was in the middle of the up-curb. 
Back to 7th and 23rd, a garbage can in front of the locater tone does not 
communicate that there is a defined pathway somewhere else.  Also, in the case 
of mid-block scaffolding which blocks a sidewalk, we can usually "feel" or 
"sense" where the diversion into the street is and usually feel safe from 
passing cars.  Garbage cans sound very strange indeed.

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  Just reviewed the photos.  Because the construction of the concrete refuge 
actually blocks the entire crosswalk, the defined pathways bring you into the a 
joining street and are no where near the APS.

  I tried attaching some of my photos for those who would had have access but 
the listserv will not accept them.  I am happy to describe any of them if you 
contact me.

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