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I would bring my trumpet and electric keyboard. Still don't know for another 
week as to whether I can attend. Sam

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We r considering making Dec 22 a musical jam at Mikes with potluck. Would want 
to know who would be interested in attending.  Reply with what instrument u 
would be playing at the jam. 
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maybe it would be suitable for a moon party/ marathon, with a waxing gibbous 
moon just past first quarter.  (and also to laugh at the *lunatics* who thought 
the world was going to end)
maybe for a special touch, have an "ancient Mayan" (or someone dressed as one) 
asking if anyone can lend him a stone tablet - because he ran out of space on 
the previous one  ;)

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First, I can't be there the 15th. That said, if the theme of the party is the 
end of the year (world?) the sky didn't end either so we look at what's there 
or stay inside and discuss the kooks that are scratching their heads wondering 
why they're still here!  Or we can wait till after after the first of the year 
when the sky is darker, sort of anti-climactic though....

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Good morning PAS Members,

Let's take a look at December for a moment.
Dec 8 we have an Antenna's event and a Paid star party.
Dec 15 is another Antenna's event.
Dec 22, the moon is very large, and it is suggested that
we move this date at Mike's to Dec 15.

So, if I move the public star party that is currently on Dec 22
to Dec 15, who is attending the Dec 15 event at Mike's
and who is attending the Dec 15 event at Antenna's?

I'd like some input before I move these around.

The purpose of the Dec 22 event was to have a public
event that was a star party (but the moon is way too bright
for a great party) saying WE ARE STILL HERE, because
we all know that Dec 21 is not the end of the world.

So, having the event on Dec 22 would make sense,
based on the Mayan Calendar. However, for the Moon,
the event doesn't work out that great. So, I'm looking
for input.

Do we skip the Dec 22 event and celebrate on our own
at our own homes, or do we move it to the 15th, which
doesn't work out as a WE ARE STILL HERE party.

Your input is requested. Let's discuss this.
I"m open for what ever the majority suggests.

Have a super Thursday
Terri, Event Coordinator for PAS
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see them, but you always know they are there.
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