[pasmembers] amazing video of 2012 DA14

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  • Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 08:21:32 -0700

this was taken by an Australian photographer 


original caption as I received it was:
Colin Legg has taken an incredible video here capturing not only asteroid DA14 
but also some other goodies along the way. Not surprisingly, this has made 
EarthSky today!

Colin said, "I captured this footage starting 3.24 am from a dark sky site 350 
km east of Perth. Just after camera rolling, a beautiful meteor burned across 
the sky, and amazingly, passed right through my camera's field of view, 
lingering while the debris train swept up and out of view. In addition, the sky 
was also very busy swarming with countless man made satellites. The asteroid is 
the bright object at left moving down the screen."

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