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I notice Accuweather has changed their Thursday forecast from
"Thunderstorms" to "Tropical Storm Odie".  Looks bad.  Saturday looks
OK, of course way too early to tell.

Hey, can I make a suggestion re: weather watching?  We have a good
number of people who can do this.  How about designating two willing
WW's for each event who will provide the updates?  That way there's not
a flood of emails, just timely reports.  They could split the six or
eight sources between them to make it easier and limit redundancy, but
still get a broad forecast picture.

Seem like a good idea? 


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6 forecast services show  about 60% chance of rain and about 70% cloud
cover for Thursday, Blk Mountain PVCC.  Sam
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Good morning PAS Members
Here"s what the news channel says we have for weather this week,  and i
hope to have my Weather Watchers keep us all updated throughout the
This forecast says Thursday will be cancelled at BMC. 
And its possible that Saturdays NSTS may also be cancelled. 
Remember to do your homework for the class.  It is a required part of
Tues 30% chance if rain, Wed n Thurs rain.  Blowing Dust tonight.
Storms to Fri n Sat. 
Everyone have a super Monday. 
Let"s keep the weather updates flowing in this list serv thread. 

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