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  • From: Terri <starstuff@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 12:25:24 -0700

I can turn the Weather Watcheres into a SIG, and only they get the requests
to send weather updates through the list.

Would that work for everone?

So, sign up if you want to be part of the Weather Watching list. I will
create the group within gmail, rather than through a list serv, and the
initial email will go out for a request for weather updates, and then it is
up to the weather watchers to post to the PASmembers list, so that all
members receive the updates.

let's see how many Weather Watchers we have, and then divide up the list. I
definitely want 1 or 2 just doing Skippy Sky. I notice i get different
readings from different PAS Members about what Skippy Sky is telling us, so
2 people on that one.

We have these weather sites. Add to the list if you know of more of them
that give us fairly good info about the weather.

This list is compiled from the info received from Sam and Alex's research
about weather sites and the accuracy

Clear SKy
Skippy Sky
Weather Underground
Weather Bug

There are 8 sites.
I tend to look at Weather Underground because i've learned how to read it
with some accuracy. But that doesnt mean i want to rely on what i see and
read from it. Everyone's input is helpful.

So, I know we have

who do a great job of keeping me updated.
Who else wants to be part of this team?

To do the weather forecasting, we need someone who can send updates when
asked, so you should be in your email at least the day before and the day
of an event. And one update a day is fine, if it isn't the DAY OF the
event. On the DAY OF the event, more updates are usually asked for if the
weather proves to be uncooperative with our event for that day.

I'm not saying you need to be in your email every day, but if an event is
on Saturday and Saturday is the day you can't get in your email, then you
might not be able to send a forecast when needed, such as this last

This is a volunteer option. But, it does get you an NSN certificate at the
next Awards Ceremony, as something outreach you did for the club. So, even
if you don't attend any outreach events, the Weather Watchers do get a
certificate and congratulated.

Sign up requires you just reply to this email as I want to be a Weather
Watcher, and we will see how many we get, and from there, we will decide to
divide up the weather sites that are available to look up weather on, right

Sign up today. Thanks

On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 10:37 AM, Eric Steinberg <eric@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  I notice Accuweather has changed their Thursday forecast from
> "Thunderstorms" to "Tropical Storm Odie".  Looks bad.  Saturday looks OK,
> of course way too early to tell.
> Hey, can I make a suggestion re: weather watching?  We have a good number
> of people who can do this.  How about designating two willing WW's for each
> event who will provide the updates?  That way there's not a flood of
> emails, just timely reports.  They could split the six or eight sources
> between them to make it easier and limit redundancy, but still get a broad
> forecast picture.
> Seem like a good idea?
> Eric
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> 6 forecast services show  about 60% chance of rain and about 70% cloud
> cover for Thursday, Blk Mountain PVCC.  Sam         -----Original
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> From: Terri <starstuff@xxxxxxxxx>
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> Subject: [pasmembers] Weather this week
> Good morning PAS Members Here"s what the news channel says we have for
> weather this week,  and i hope to have my Weather Watchers keep us all
> updated throughout the week. This forecast says Thursday will be
> cancelled at BMC. And its possible that Saturdays NSTS may also be
> cancelled.
> Remember to do your homework for the class.  It is a required part of
> attendance.  Tues 30% chance if rain, Wed n Thurs rain.  Blowing Dust
> tonight.  Storms to Fri n Sat.  Everyone have a super Monday. Let"s keep
> the weather updates flowing in this list serv thread. Terri
> Sent from my TARDIS via my Galaxy III phone complete with typos for your
> enjoyment.

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