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I will be there, maybe my earlier emails will get tp you also.

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Here's the vote on this end.
Don, Sam, Frank, & Terri are willing to try this star party.
Mike, if you wish to come along, I have you already scheduled.

Albert & Marc, I haven't heard any input from you two about
tonight, so if you have a moment, drop me a reply so
we know you are coming as well.

I will confirm with Bruce, in a moment after i send this email.

The list I sent out yesterday still stands for the attendance.
If there are changes, I need to know about it soon so i can
inform our contact at the school. Thanks.

See you all there!
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see them, but you always know they are there.
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>Terri, NOAA indicated 16 mph winds with gusts to 24 mph until 8 pm, then only 
>13 mph winds. It may be possible to set up just south of the school buildings 
>since the winds are to be out of the north. That may give us somewhat of a 
>wind break. The main objects we will be looking at are the moon, jupiter, 
>venus and orion nebula, so a blocked Northern view won't hurt. We will have 
>problems polar aligning, but with 500 people, we will probably only have one 
>object per scope and they will be easy to find. If you decide to go ahead, we 
>need to make sure all our scopes that rsvp'd will show. I don't want another 
>year like last year when Frank and I were the only scopes with 500 people, it 
>was very stressful. I am willing to try it tonight, but everyone needs to 
>commit. If there is swirling dust, we just won't unload the cars.  Anyway, let 
>everyone know if it is cancelled or not. Take care, Sam
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>Thank you for the update Sam,
>yes, please, if you see anything that will
>cancel tomorrow night's event,
>let me know and the winds are going to be a prolem
>if they are as high as quoted by Sam, below.
>I saw 14 in the forecast this morning when i checked it
>at 6am.
>Send me updates. Thanks.
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>>I am seeing 15 to 25 mph predicted. We do need to watch this. Sam
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>>Subject: [pasmembers] Washington school Friday Mar 2
>>Good morning
>>I am seeing lots of wind for Friday forecast.
>>What do u see? Input requested.
>>8033 n 27th ave phx 85051
>>730 to 930pm
>>Any input on the weather would be appreciated.
>>Have a super Thursday!
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