[pasmembers] Re: Telescope Mount Rentals?

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Hi Leah,

You are correct. I was just trying to explain to others why they weren't seeing Albert's replies directly.


On Feb 24, 2012, at 11:10 AM, LPhxAZ wrote:

Tim, just to clarify -

if a member sends an email to a nonmember and also to the list serv - e.g. if I send an email with the following "to" line:

"johndoe @ isp-mail.com; pasmembers @ freelists.org"

then John Doe and all the members on list serv will receive it?

but if John Doe then clicks "reply all", sending his reply back to my email address and to "pasmembers @ freelists.org"

then it will come through to me, but not to the list serv? (since he is not a member, so he can't send to the whole list)

and if I then click "reply all" to John Doe's message, again sending it to him and to "pasmembers @ freelists.org"

then because I am a member of the list serv, both John Doe and the list serv members will receive it?

and if my message includes John Doe's message thread at the bottom, then the other members will see it - not when John Doe sent it but when I did?

sorry if this sounds confusing, but just wanted to better understand how it works.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Tim Jones" <timj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <pasmembers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [pasmembers] Re: Telescope Mount Rentals?

Hi All,

Remember, Albert is not a PAS member, so his emails are not coming through to the members. That's why this is a "pasmembers" list. There's also a "phoenixastro" list that is open to anyone, but I'm rethinking that since the previously existing "AZ-Observing" list is actually a better "general" discussion list. Also, there's lots of discussion there about AZ events from all clubs and a number of high-level astronomers also join in.

If you would like to join that list, here's how:

Send an email from your account to:




That's all it takes.


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