[pasmembers] Re: Saturday forecast, Thanks to Weather Watchers & Reviews for Newsletter

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I'm going to Flag and am doubtful that I'll be back in time, so I'm Ok with 

---- Terri <starstuff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Sam,
> Thank you for the forecast for Saturday, it doesn't look good.
> I do have a question for those of you who would be attending Saturday... do
> you want to do a potluck and socializing night, in place of the observing
> night, should the clouds take over, or just cancel the whole event? Give me
> your input.
> 3 cancels from the group, and if the clouds take over the night, we cancel.
> Otherwise, we can still hold a socializing night at Mike's.
> Potluck is set for 6pm.
> So, let's watch the clouds take over. no I mean, let's watch the weather
> and see what Saturday evening has in store for us.
> Many thanks to everyone who contributed to yesterday's cancel decision. I
> didn't get to see how the sky was last night. WE were too busy and both of
> us were too exhausted to even look up. I know it was clear while the sun
> was up, but the clouds William saw on the horizon looked threatening. And I
> was in contact with Mike, told him what Don saw in the forecast (a few of
> you also told me similar forecasts) and so he was ok with the cancel
> notice. And he got to spend some time with Ofelia due to us canceling.
> I hope everyone is having a spectacular day. Today, there shouldn't' be too
> many emails going out, unlike yesterday and tomorrow.
> Tomorrow, I will be in my email by about 9:30am, and we can discuss the
> weather. I'd like to call the event on or off by 3pm. and about that time,
> i will be getting out of my email for the day.
> The newsletter is being assembled. If you have any last reviews or photos
> you wish to send my way, please do. The most recent review would be last
> week's Lecture at Mike's. Input is always welcome. No one wants a
> newsletter that is only written by one person (me), so send me articles,
> reviews, etc.
> Oh, and this weekend starts the Flagstaff Festival of Science, for which I
> hope some of you get the chance to attend. As long as it isn't dropping a
> big batch of rain, Wheeler park is this Saturday, tomorrow! I can't make
> it, but my parents and Bruce should be there.
> Write up some reviews of the events you attended at the Festival of
> Science. And if you go to the Naval Observatory for their open house and
> you see Marc Murison doing some sort of presentation or something (I
> haven't looked to see if he will be) tell him "HI" from PAS, because he is
> our guest speaker for the October PAS Meeting.
> Keep the Saturday forecasts coming in, please.
> Have a super weekend, everyone.
> Terri, Event Coordinator for PAS
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> > TWC  20-40% clouds sat night carefree,    Accuweather  25%,    WeatherBug
> > 55%,    Skippy Sky 25%,   Sam  (alias dmarc-noreply)
> >
> >
> >
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> >  Cloudy skies are in forecast for Saturday.  Weather Watchers,  please
> > send updates.  Thanks.
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