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Hi Terri,


I live about three miles from BMC and the clouds were at least 80% between 8 
and 10 PM last night, so cancelling was definitely the right choice.  I will 
defer to the weather experts about Saturday.  One thing to note though are the 
clouds, which have a tendency to collect against the northern mountains in Care 
Free and Cave Creek even though the center of the valley is cloud free.  Most 
of the summer has been poor viewing up there.


Peter Turner

MaidPro North-Phoenix

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Thank you for the forecast for Saturday, it doesn't look good.


I do have a question for those of you who would be attending Saturday... do you 
want to do a potluck and socializing night, in place of the observing night, 
should the clouds take over, or just cancel the whole event? Give me your 


3 cancels from the group, and if the clouds take over the night, we cancel. 
Otherwise, we can still hold a socializing night at Mike's. 


Potluck is set for 6pm.


So, let's watch the clouds take over. no I mean, let's watch the weather and 
see what Saturday evening has in store for us.


Many thanks to everyone who contributed to yesterday's cancel decision. I 
didn't get to see how the sky was last night. WE were too busy and both of us 
were too exhausted to even look up. I know it was clear while the sun was up, 
but the clouds William saw on the horizon looked threatening. And I was in 
contact with Mike, told him what Don saw in the forecast (a few of you also 
told me similar forecasts) and so he was ok with the cancel notice. And he got 
to spend some time with Ofelia due to us canceling. 


I hope everyone is having a spectacular day. Today, there shouldn't' be too 
many emails going out, unlike yesterday and tomorrow.


Tomorrow, I will be in my email by about 9:30am, and we can discuss the 
weather. I'd like to call the event on or off by 3pm. and about that time, i 
will be getting out of my email for the day. 


The newsletter is being assembled. If you have any last reviews or photos you 
wish to send my way, please do. The most recent review would be last week's 
Lecture at Mike's. Input is always welcome. No one wants a newsletter that is 
only written by one person (me), so send me articles, reviews, etc. 


Oh, and this weekend starts the Flagstaff Festival of Science, for which I hope 
some of you get the chance to attend. As long as it isn't dropping a big batch 
of rain, Wheeler park is this Saturday, tomorrow! I can't make it, but my 
parents and Bruce should be there. 

Write up some reviews of the events you attended at the Festival of Science. 
And if you go to the Naval Observatory for their open house and you see Marc 
Murison doing some sort of presentation or something (I haven't looked to see 
if he will be) tell him "HI" from PAS, because he is our guest speaker for the 
October PAS Meeting. 


Keep the Saturday forecasts coming in, please.


Have a super weekend, everyone.

Terri, Event Coordinator for PAS




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TWC  20-40% clouds sat night carefree,    Accuweather  25%,    WeatherBug  55%, 
   Skippy Sky 25%,   Sam  (alias dmarc-noreply)





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Cloudy skies are in forecast for Saturday.  Weather Watchers,  please send 
updates.  Thanks. 

Sent from my TARDIS via my Galaxy III phone complete with typos for your 



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