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Joe, about 2 years ago Frank and I had the same experience about 2 blocks east 
of our house. We saw UFO's for about 20 minutes. We then hiked around the 
neighborhood and found teenagers sending off lanterns into the air from their 
backyard. They really looked strange. Same thing as your UFO's .  Take care, Sam

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The mystery is solved, they reappeared tonight and we traced them to a neighbor 
who loves to send lanterns aloft from his backyard. He has been doing this off 
and on for several years, so this explains "U.F.O activity" as documented on 
web for Maricopa and Casa Grande for several years!

Big orange lanterns sent aloft tonight, how appropriate....
Happy Halloween everyone!
-Joe & Renee Collins

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> Up for discussion to PAS Members:

Joe writes:

Renee and I both saw UFO's in Maricopa/Casa Grande 10/13 evening 8:30pm. This 
was weird and hard to identify, though we know what it couldn't be....
>At first we thought they were 'chinese lanterns' but they arced overhead in 
sky speedily under power (no wind). 
>They were golden yellow and bright and traversed easterly and were visible for 
almost 10minutes. The second of the two objects followed an identical path and 
started as a huge golden-yellow sphere with flames. If these were bolides, they 
were unlike any we have seen before. The objects moved too fast to be balloons, 
blimps, or dirigibles. There was no engine noise. 
>Three possibilites: (1) some sort of hoax; (2) some sort of antiquated aerial 
flares dropped by A10's overhead on their way to Marana or Tucson; (3) space 
junk re-entry (as opposed to meteors).  The path in the sky appeared ballistic, 
not under intelligent control (no shifts or corrections in direction) and not 
jerky like a parachute assisted flare or ultralight. 
>Did anyone report anything like this to PAS or anyone hear of this over the 
news? I did a quick internet search and found out that 'yellow light UFOs' have 
been seen over Maricopa and Casa Grande for several years, but the last report 
was over a year ago!

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