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Up for discussion to PAS Members:

Joe writes:

Renee and I both saw UFO's in Maricopa/Casa Grande 10/13 evening 8:30pm. This 
was weird and hard to identify, though we know what it couldn't be....
>At first we thought they were 'chinese lanterns' but they arced overhead in 
>the sky speedily under power (no wind). 
>They were golden yellow and bright and traversed easterly and were visible for 
>almost 10minutes. The second of the two objects followed an identical path and 
>started as a huge golden-yellow sphere with flames. If these were bolides, 
>they were unlike any we have seen before. The objects moved too fast to be 
>balloons, blimps, or dirigibles. There was no engine noise. 
>Three possibilites: (1) some sort of hoax; (2) some sort of antiquated aerial 
>flares dropped by A10's overhead on their way to Marana or Tucson; (3) space 
>junk re-entry (as opposed to meteors).  The path in the sky appeared 
>ballistic, not under intelligent control (no shifts or corrections in 
>direction) and not jerky like a parachute assisted flare or ultralight. 
>Did anyone report anything like this to PAS or anyone hear of this over the 
>news? I did a quick internet search and found out that 'yellow light UFOs' 
>have been seen over Maricopa and Casa Grande for several years, but the last 
>report was over a year ago!

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