[pasmembers] Fw: telescope rental?

  • From: Terri <cosmicstarstuff@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Terri Finch <events@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:58:52 -0700 (PDT)

PAS members,

I have a request I thought I'd send around to see if anyone is willing to do 
You can set your own rental rate, and this lady wants to use your scope for
3 nights at the end of this month.
I know most of us would not do this, but if you have a scope you don't mind
renting, maybe you are interested. I"ve included all her contact info below,
and please note, she is skilled at using the telescope based on what
she has written below, so I am not saying I trust her with my scope, but
if you have a spare, fitting the description below and would like to make
a little extra money, then consider renting your scope. 
I wouldn't rent to just anyone without knowing they know how
to use the scope properly. 

PAS's telescopes for borrowing for club members, are all under repairs
right now. They are being cleaned and repaired, so we can't lend a scope,
even if she became a member to be able to borrow the scope. 

I replied back, and told her what i told you above. I also added EVAC
and SAC and DFAC to the list of clubs she might contact to rent a
scope from. Then I let her know that about a week ago, i was doing
a search for rental telescopes on line and there is only one club out of 
in all the USA, that i could find who would do telescope rentals and that is
Sidewalk Astronomers. 

So, if you want to contact Christina and rent your scope for 3 nights,
please feel free to do so. If not, then ignore this email. And also,
if you have suggestions other than the ones i just made to her,
please send her those suggestions. 

Have a super day and thanks for your help with this situation.
Terri, Event Coordinator

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>From: Christina Pease <cpease@xxxxxxxx>
>To: "Events@xxxxxxxxx" <Events@xxxxxxxxx> 
>Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 6:43 PM
>Subject: telescope rental?
>Hi Terri,
>Do you know of anyone who might lend or rent a small dob (4-8") for a few 
>I've been an amateur astronomer for about 10 years.  Built my own (not so 
>portable) telescope, and spent 5 years working with the various telescopes on 
>site at Sky Watchers Inn (later Astronomer's Inn) / Vega-Bray Observatory in 
>Now I live in New York City.  I'm traveling to Arizona/California later this 
>month to see some sky, and I'd like to take a telescope out into the dark, 
>dark desert, if possible.  I know this may be an unusual request, but I 
>figured I can't hurt to ask. I'm happy to provide more details about my 
>experience with telescopes, plans for my trip, etc. Please let me know if you 
>think someone in the Phoenix area might be willing to trust me with their 
>telescope for 3 nights.  
>Christina Pease
>Astrophysics Educator
>American Museum of Natural History
>Youth Initiatives, Education Department
>Central Park West @ 79th St.
>New York, NY 10024

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