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Terri and Kevin,  I and my wife and son will be attending the Flagstaff Science 
Festival Tuesday, Wed and Thursday.  Last year we went Friday, Sat and Sunday.  
Sat is usually a great day in Wheeler Park with many science booths.  Take 
care, Sam
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Kevin, we will miss you, if we have the event.
Are you doing the Flagstaff Festival of Science?
Send me a review, please. I have to miss it again this year.
Even if we cancel Mike's, I still can't go to Flagstaff because William has to 
do mandatory training overtime at work Saturday. By the time he gets home, it 
is too late to make it to any of the cool events they have on Saturday.

Are you making it in time to get to the presentation tonight at NAU? My parents 
and Bruce will be there. I think Sam also had planned to attend tonight's 
lecture. It's usually a very good lecture, even if it isn't about astronomy, it 
is still awesome. Wish I could go.

Everyone have a super Friday!

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I'm going to Flag and am doubtful that I'll be back in time, so I'm Ok with 

sic Facebook Page

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