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ISS at 7:23!

Nonprofit organization.

LPhxAZ <lphxaz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>if setup is at 5 pm, and the star party is from 6 to 8, and it doesn't even 
>get dark till 7 - what will we do from 5 to 7?
>(if the answer is: "eat pizza", then please tell me when the pizza-eating 
>stage is expected to be over.)
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>  Subject: Events for the rest of this week into next week to PAS Meeting
>  Happy & Awesome Wednesday to you.... PAS Members
>  Some of you know that I've been very super busy this last
>  week + and so I haven't been in my email or doing anything
>  astronomy related. I"m behind, once again.
>  If you sent me something for the newsletter, please note
>  that Today, Thursday and Friday I hope to get all caught up
>  and back on track with everyone.
>  Thank you for your patience.
>  Now, on to the schedule of events for this week and next...
>  Today is Wednesday Feb 27.
>  Tonight we have an event in Anthem for which I have
>  the following people signed up to do this event and I
>  very much appreciate them doing it, as I can not make it.
>  I wanted to, but my student won't let me move her lesson
>  to another day, so I'm stuck teaching instead of doing
>  the event. I shouldn't say stuck, because i love teaching
>  and it, like PAS, takes up most of my time. 
>  So we have Wed Feb 27 school in Anthem star party with
>  Don, Albert, Mike and Leah covering it. Earlier today
>  i put out a notice to watch the weather and send me anything
>  that will make a mess of tonight. Although, the weather looks
>  awesome, so I don't predict anyone will send me any ideas
>  of needing to cancel the event. But, thanks for the input,
>  as i need to know. 
> http://www.pasaz.org/forums/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=820&day=2013-2-27&c=1
>  Thursday Feb 28 is a Tentatively scheduled Meeting of the 
>  Minds. I am teaching this night, and we don't have enough topics
>  to hold a MOM, so I have canceled this event. There is no
>  February Meeting of the Minds. Please enjoy your evening.
>  We can set up for the March 28th MOM. Send topics my
>  way so we can have something to discuss. At the moment,
>  Mar 28 is open on my calendar, so if we have a good number
>  of topics, we can hold the meeting. 
>  Please note, the April 25 MOM is happening. Be there! It's
>  Awards Ceremony. It will NOT BE canceled unless something 
>  happens at PVCC that we do not have a room to hold it in. So,
>  plan to attend, bring a snack to share, it is a PARTY!
>  Some of you like to attend Organ Stop Pizza with me and my 
>  family and we are meeting at Organ Stop this Saturday, Mar
>  2, at 6pm. To reserve a seat with us, please let me know via
>  email, or phone text that you'd like to come, preferably by
>  Friday at NOON. We go dutch, meaning you buy your own
>  food and drink, but we share a table or two and enjoy the music
>  together. Please see their website for directions to OSP and their 
>  menu. They have pizza and salads, and ice cream and more.
>  Sunday Mar 3 is the next Bookmans Telescope workshop. Please visit the 
> forums to find out how many RSVP's we have. If there  more than three 
> scheduled, please consider helping out at this event. Bookmans is from 3:30 
> to 5:30pm. Here is the link
>  to this event - then go to the forum link from there: 
> http://www.pasaz.org/forums/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=836&day=2013-3-3&c=1 It 
> appears I don't have
>  a forum thread up on line for this event just yet, but that doesnt' mean we 
> don't have any RSVP's. Like I said above, I haven't been in my email since 
> about Monday last week, due to this project
>  I had to get done by yesterday, and did. It's in the mail and out of my hair 
> for a while.
>  Tuesday Mar 5 we have the next CTCA. Sign up (PAStimes Star Tour members 
> ONLY) and confirm with Joe you have the job. More details can be found in the 
> forums, so go to this link and 
>  check it out. 
> http://www.pasaz.org/forums/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=988&day=2013-3-5&c=1
>  And that brings us to the PAS meeting of Thursday Mar 7. David Williams is 
> our guest speaker. Please note that David isn't who was  scheduled but due to 
> Melissa working with Meteorites, she had to take care of the Meteorite in 
> Russia. So, we will reschedule Melissa for another time and hopefully she can 
> let us know about the Russian meteorite from a few weeks ago. Bring a snack 
> to  share. Water provided by President Bruce. 
>  Now we are all up to date. Please have a super weekend. I will see you all 
> at the PAS Meeting!
>  And thanks to everyone who has had patience to wait for me
>  to get what i had to get done, done. I will never wish an Audit
>  on anyone I know, not even my worst enemy - not that I have one.
>  Terri, Event Coordinator for PAS
>  The plan is to send out the upcoming events for March,
>  sometime this week. Watch for it. But at least you have
>  the next week in upcoming events updated today!
>  Happy Wednesday to all!
>  Good friends are like stars. You don't always
>  see them, but you always know they are there.
>  Terri Phoenix Astronomical Society Event Coordinator
>  Visit the P.A.S. Blog & My Facebook Page
>  Visit my Music Page: Private Music Instructor

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