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The telescope people will be eating pizza and setting up between 5 and 6 and showing the moon and hopefully Jupiter from 6 to 7. Mike can show his meteorites from 6 to 7.

On 2/27/2013 10:58 AM, LPhxAZ wrote:
if setup is at 5 pm, and the star party is from 6 to 8, and it doesn't even get dark till 7 - what will we do from 5 to 7? (if the answer is: "eat pizza", then please tell me when the pizza-eating stage is expected to be over.)

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    Happy & Awesome Wednesday to you.... PAS Members

    Some of you know that I've been very super busy this last
    week + and so I haven't been in my email or doing anything
    astronomy related. I"m behind, once again.

    If you sent me something for the newsletter, please note
    that Today, Thursday and Friday I hope to get all caught up
    and back on track with everyone.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Now, on to the schedule of events for this week and next...

    Today is Wednesday Feb 27.

    Tonight we have an event in Anthem for which I have
    the following people signed up to do this event and I
    very much appreciate them doing it, as I can not make it.
    I wanted to, but my student won't let me move her lesson
    to another day, so I'm stuck teaching instead of doing
    the event. I shouldn't say stuck, because i love teaching
    and it, like PAS, takes up most of my time.

    So we haveWed Feb 27 school in Anthem star party with
    Don, Albert, Mike and Leah covering it. Earlier today
    i put out a notice to watch the weather and send me anything
    that will make a mess of tonight. Although, the weather looks
    awesome, so I don't predict anyone will send me any ideas
    of needing to cancel the event. But, thanks for the input,
    as i need to know.

    Thursday Feb 28 is a Tentatively scheduled Meeting of the
    Minds. I am teaching this night, and we don't have enough topics
    to hold a MOM, so I have canceled this event. There is no
    February Meeting of the Minds. Please enjoy your evening.
    We can set up for the March 28th MOM. Send topics my
    way so we can have something to discuss. At the moment,
    Mar 28 is open on my calendar, so if we have a good number
    of topics, we can hold the meeting.
    Please note, the April 25 MOM is happening. Be there! It's
    Awards Ceremony. It will NOT BE canceled unless something
    happens at PVCC that we do not have a room to hold it in. So,
    plan to attend, bring a snack to share, it is a PARTY!

    Some of you like to attend Organ Stop Pizza with me and my
    family and we are meeting at Organ Stop this Saturday, Mar
    2, at 6pm. To reserve a seat with us, please let me know via
    email, or phone text that you'd like to come, preferably by
    Friday at NOON. We go dutch, meaning you buy your own
    food and drink, but we share a table or two and enjoy the music
    together. Please see their website for directions to OSP and their
    menu. They have pizza and salads, and ice cream and more.

    Sunday Mar 3 is the next Bookmans Telescope workshop. Please visit
    the forums to find out how many RSVP's we have. If there more than
    three scheduled, please consider helping out at this event.
    Bookmans is from 3:30 to 5:30pm. Here is the link
    to this event - then go to the forum link from there:
    appears I don't have
    a forum thread up on line for this event just yet, but that
    doesnt' mean we don't have any RSVP's. Like I said above, I
    haven't been in my email since about Monday last week, due to this
    I had to get done by yesterday, and did. It's in the mail and out
    of my hair for a while.

    Tuesday Mar 5 we have the next CTCA. Sign up (PAStimes Star Tour
    members ONLY) and confirm with Joe you have the job. More details
    can be found in the forums, so go to this link and
    check it out.

    And that brings us to the PAS meeting of Thursday Mar 7. David
    Williams is our guest speaker. Please note that David isn't who
    was scheduled but due to Melissa working with Meteorites, she had
    to take care of the Meteorite in Russia. So, we will reschedule
    Melissa for another time and hopefully she can let us know about
    the Russian meteorite from a few weeks ago. Bring a snack to
    share. Water provided by President Bruce.

    Now we are all up to date. Please have a super weekend. I will see
    you all at the PAS Meeting!
    And thanks to everyone who has had patience to wait for me
    to get what i had to get done, done. I will never wish an Audit
    on anyone I know, not even my worst enemy - not that I have one.

    Terri, Event Coordinator for PAS

    The plan is to send out the upcoming events for March,
    sometime this week. Watch for it. But at least you have
    the next week in upcoming events updated today!
    Happy Wednesday to all!

    *//*Good friends are like stars. You don't always
    see them, but you always know they are there.
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