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  • Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 12:53:22 -0700

Happy Friday PAS Members and attendees to our many events that have
potlucks involved.

At the MOM"s last night, we discussed several things about our potlucks,
and it was concluded that we would open a discussion within the list serv
(here) about it, and between now and the next MOM's which is in 5 months,
we would discuss it and decide how to best make our potlucks that much
better for all attendees (especially those who are diabetic and should not
be eating desserts).

So, i'm opening up this list serv discussion. Join in if you have any
input. Or just read about it so we can discuss it better at the next
Meeting of the Minds (MOM's).

The ideas we had at the meeting last night were:

1) Start a fund, collected at the event (Mike's) where by a donation box is
put out at every potluck to collect funds to pay for extra food, when
needed at a potluck. Such as ordering pizza when there isn't enough main
dishes to be shared at that potluck.

2) Designating an amount, paid for by PAS, for the same idea, when there
isn't enough main dishes brought to the potluck, to share, and then when
the amount is used up, re evaluating the situation.. Did that work well, or
should we do something different.

Why are we discussing this? Most of PAS is made up of unmarried, or single
males who don't cook, or don't know how, or if they do, they make desserts.
Most of the time, they pick up something like a rotisserie chicken and some
side dish to provide at these potlucks. That's a great idea and each of you
could do that (single PAS Members). Other times, just a dessert is brought,
and if the potluck is mostly dessert, those of us who can't eat dessert as
a main meal, feel left out. So, it was requested that we discuss this
situation and see if we can't provide other means to making sure our
Members are fed for the night.

The other reason we are discussing this is that those attending events,
really need to sign up on Perfect Potluck when they know what they are
bringing that night. Even if what you sign up as is Chicken and sides. I
know that when you go to the store, you may not know what you are getting
until you are there. But knowing that more chicken will arrive, and that
there will be 1 or 2 sides arriving, that really helps in the planning of
the meal. So, always, go to perfect potluck, using the data i provide in
the calendar, and sign up with your items. Please remember, the list goes
all the way down to the paper plates and plastic ware. If you haven' seen
the list that long, you haven' looked all the way down the list. Go down
it, add your main dish, your drink, sides if you are bringing them, and
help us make the meal that much better for all. For example: if everyone
was bringing potato salad to the potluck, it would be a very interesting
potato-y night. But if you know someone is already bringing potato salad,
before you go shopping, you could bring something different. Also, if you
didn't know this, you can access perfect potluck from your smart phone so
while you are shopping, if you don't see what you are picking up for the
potluck, you can add it right there as you purchase it. I'm not saying,
don't bring potato salad if someone else is. I'm saying, if you see 2 tubs
of potato salad coming to that night's potluck, you might want to consider
cole slaw or deviled eggs, or something else. And if you can be more
specific about what you are bringing, such as Rotisserie chicken, rather
than baked or fried chicken and where from, if it is like Church's or KFC,
or Safeway.

Start today putting your items into the perfect potluck link set up for
tomorrow's event at Mike's. Test it out, it is super easy to use and
knowing what you are bringing, helps some of us plan what we are bringing.

These are the items up for discussion in this List Serv Thread. Please put
your comments, additional input and all right back into the list serv so
all can read about it.

Have a super day!

If i missed anything from last night's meeting that needs to be added, (for
those who attended last night's meeting) please add it, now. Thanks.

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