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I can probably do that.  Don't have an amp though... 



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Eric had mentioned he might attend with his bass guitar and John wanted
to play his accordion. I don't know if they still feel that way, but if
so, we have a good variety of instruments. Take care, Sam

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Good afternoon PAS Members


Happy Halloween, for those who do Halloween!


Let's discuss Dec 22 event at Mike's in Carefree.


This is tentative until we decide what we are doing,

if anything, on that date.


Original idea: Dec 22, is day after the Mayan calendar ends,

so I wanted to hold a star party. But the Moon will be large

and in the way.


So, then someone suggested a Music Jam. Bring your instrument.

But that doesn't mean that if you don't play music, you can't attend.

We need an audience as well.


So, now the questions is, who can attend? If you want to attend,

drop me an email, reply to this one, mention what insturment

you play, or if you are audience, let me know that. I'm looking

to see if we have attendance enough to hold this event 

as a music jam. Give me input, please.


Right now we have in attendance

Sam Insana with instrument

Ed Wurst with instrument

Bette Wurst, no instrument

Bruce Wurst with instrument

Terri Finch with instrument

William Finch no instrument


Send me your RSVP.


Now, why am I asking for this again,

because Dec 22 is in the midst of the Christmas parties

that you might be attending this year. If we don't have

the turnout needed to have this be a fun event, we might

just cancel it. So, give me your input, and  you can make

your attendance tentative... meaning let me know that you

might not be sure you have that night free, but if you do,

you will attend, and if not, you can attend the other xmas party

you were invited to.


Thanks so much for your input.

I really want to pin down if this is a good idea or not.


The other option was to hold an event, not for the same purpose

but make it public, on Dec 15. I already got a bunch of replies

of people who decline that option because they know

they won't be available that day to do a public event at Mike's. 


So, send me your input today. Tentative is better than not

knowing who may be available.


Happy Halloween!

Terri, Event Coordinator


Your input is needed.


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