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I actually have this set Eric and can't recommend it enough. It is fabulous.
Filippenko is a great communicator and teacher. I totally recommend PAS buy
a copy. 




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I came across this astronomy unit from "The Great Courses" which I think
might be quite interesting.  There are 96 30-minute lectures on DVD.  I have
used their history courses in the past and found them to be high quality,
in-depth studies.  The only problem I see is that it costs $230 for DVD or
$190 for download.  Is this something the club would want to purchase?
Alternatively if others would do likewise, I'd be willing to chip in a
percentage and donate it to the club.  No doubt many of us will know much of
the information presented, but probably not all of it; it would also be
great for new members.


Your thoughts?






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