[pasmembers] Re: CTCA Tues Feb 14

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 14:01:13 -0700

Thursday is looking like it may be gone...25% cloud cover and winds of 8 to 14.

On 2/13/2012 12:47 PM, Terri wrote:

What ever you decide, just let me know if i am Canceling
2/14 event or not.
I saw on the weather this morning, not that Ch 3 is correct
all the time, but it looks like we are in for a big storm
and it may even wipe out Thursday. YIPES!

Have a super day!
Take care
and keep me in the loop, please.

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    I have a call in to Marisa at CTCA. I think we should RESCHEDULE
    to Tues Feb 28...ANY FEEDBACK?

    *Coulds will mess up solar viewing and be problematic through the
    evening according to Eric (even though accuweather says the
    'stargazing quality' is supposed to be 8 out of 10.
    *Winds will definitely be a concern for Eric and Don's OTA Tubes -
    winds of 9mph and gusts up to 24mph are forecast
    *It is forecast to be the chilliest evening of the entire week.
    *I have a call in to Marisa to see if they have other competing
    activiites for St. Valentine's Day that would cause us low
    attendance and would mke the Feb 28 date better.
    *I personally don't want to traverse over 100miles roundtrip for
    this event with my telescope/equipment exposed to the elements
    because of predicted showers during the day in Phoenix, Maricopa,
    and Goodyear.....

    ---- Eric Steinberg <eric@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:eric@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
    > Intellicast, NWS, and cleardarksky are currently showing cloud cover
    > persisting until around 11 pm.  Even Accuweather has winds at 15
    > to 24 through the evening (which I think will rule out big Dobs).
    > Just BTW, visibility and cloud cover are unrelated.  You can
    have solid
    > 1500' overcast and great visibility (just not upward!).
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    > Folks interested in the CTCA Feb 14 event....
    > I am getting conflicting forecasts on accuweather.... 8 out of
    10 for
    > visibility, but "mostly cloudy" and "some showers" on accuweather's
    > 'astronomy'  tab for Feb 14th....What bothers me is yesterday
    > wind gusts were forecast up to 33mph, today they are still
    forecast up
    > to 20mph- we know from experience that the 5th floor garden
    terrace gets
    > subatantial wind around sunset (our setup time). Right now, I am
    > thinking that Tuesday late afternoon shower(s) + clouds will
    > with solar viewing and wind may be problematic for the evening. I'll
    > recheck the forecast for change in a few hours. So for now,
    > SOLAR VIEWING IS CANCELLED, waiting to make a decision on the
    > program depending on forecast in a few hours.
    > ---- Don Boyd <azphotog@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:azphotog@xxxxxxxxx>>
    > > Accuweather is now saying rain and possibler showers for Tuesday
    > during
    > > the day, but clearing by 8 pm and then the clouds coming back at
    > 11pm...
    > >
    > > On 2/9/2012 3:37 PM, jcollins79@xxxxxxx
    <mailto:jcollins79@xxxxxxx> wrote:
    > > > We need to weatherwatch for the CTCA event on Tues Feb 14th
    it looks
    > like light rain in Goodyear Mon->Wed, so I will likely
    reschedule to the
    > back-up date Feb 28th....If this forecast holds up I will official
    > cancel/reschedule on Mon/Tues and send an email to RSVP'd PAS
    folk. I
    > already tipped off Marisa at CTCA.

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