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Joe / Jenny

Joe writes: Could you share your presentation at an upcoming meeting?

Jenny, how about giving your presentation at the
Feb 23 meeting after Leah has completed her talk?

Let me know if you can do that, and i'll put it in the schedule.

We'd all like to hear about it.
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>Congrats Jenny, There are some funds out there for 'alternative buildings' 
>like low energy designs-that wouldn't cost the college much more than the 
>facilities and labor. It might be a WIN-WIN for PVCC to look into this for 
>permanent observatory class shelters That said, I really do like the idea of 
>the data/electrical facilitized pads you have in mind for availability to PVCC 
>students and groups such as PAS. Could you share your presentation at an 
>upcoming meeting?
>---- Jennifer Weitz <jen2193211@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
>> Thanks to all for your input.  Just to fill you in on the background for my
>> two most recent e-mail requests:
>> Yesterday I presented my proposal to make Black Mountain "the best
>> astronomy program in the valley, under the darkest skies in the
>> district" to the President of the college, Paul Dale. The presentation was
>> a simple 2.5 minute automated powerpoint with narration that he can take
>> with him to be our advocate to get the funds (~$120K) set aside for this
>> from a district wide fundraising initiative.  I am excited to tell you that
>> he loved it so much he said it gave him chills and he was surprised I
>> wasn't asking for more money!
>> I am determined to get this funded so I will be following up with his
>> progress as well as going to potential donors directly and asking them to
>> earmark what they contribute to the fundraising initiative for our project.
>> As this develops feel free to send me your wants and needs for
>> Black Mountain as well as any leads on potential donors.  Don't be afraid
>> to think big!  for some reason the bigger I make the pitch the more people
>> seem to get excited and willing to support it.  The only thing we can not
>> ask for from this initiative are "bricks and mortar buildings."  In my
>> opinion this makes automated roll top "sheds" fair game.
>> Thanks,
>> Jenny

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