[pasmembers] Re: Black Mountain Update

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  • Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 15:39:53 -0500

Congrats Jenny, There are some funds out there for 'alternative buildings' like 
low energy designs-that wouldn't cost the college much more than the facilities 
and labor. It might be a WIN-WIN for PVCC to look into this for permanent 
observatory class shelters That said, I really do like the idea of the 
data/electrical facilitized pads you have in mind for availability to PVCC 
students and groups such as PAS. Could you share your presentation at an 
upcoming meeting?

---- Jennifer Weitz <jen2193211@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Thanks to all for your input.  Just to fill you in on the background for my
> two most recent e-mail requests:
> Yesterday I presented my proposal to make Black Mountain "the best
> astronomy program in the valley, under the darkest skies in the
> district" to the President of the college, Paul Dale. The presentation was
> a simple 2.5 minute automated powerpoint with narration that he can take
> with him to be our advocate to get the funds (~$120K) set aside for this
> from a district wide fundraising initiative.  I am excited to tell you that
> he loved it so much he said it gave him chills and he was surprised I
> wasn't asking for more money!
> I am determined to get this funded so I will be following up with his
> progress as well as going to potential donors directly and asking them to
> earmark what they contribute to the fundraising initiative for our project.
> As this develops feel free to send me your wants and needs for
> Black Mountain as well as any leads on potential donors.  Don't be afraid
> to think big!  for some reason the bigger I make the pitch the more people
> seem to get excited and willing to support it.  The only thing we can not
> ask for from this initiative are "bricks and mortar buildings."  In my
> opinion this makes automated roll top "sheds" fair game.
> Thanks,
> Jenny

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