[p900] bug and missing feature: IMAP support

  • From: Alfonso Martone <a.martone@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: p900@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 01:46:21 +0100

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One thing that isn't mentioned on your bugs page is that IMAP on the
p900 is very poor, so poor it is of no used to me, and IMAP was one of
the reasons I bought the p900 and not as the Treo 600 as the p900 said
it support IMAP.

IMAP, in case you haven't used it, keeps states on email, i.e. whether 
they have been read/reply to/etc, and it's very easy to get the flags 
when you fetch the headers of your mail - infact - that is how IMAP 
is supposed to be used.

The p900 implementation is extremely poor, such that even though all 
my email in my inbox is read it either doesn't fetch the flags, or 
ignores them and all 500+ emails are shown as new.

This of course means that either I have to go through all the emails 
on the p900 which would take some time and bandwidth, or I have to 
put up with the new mail sign showing on my p900 the whole time and 
don't notice when new mail/sms/etc arrive.


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