[p900] Fwd: P900 mailing list: why, what and how

  • From: Alfonso Martone <a.martone@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: p900@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 09:39:15 +0100

Hi all!

As far as I know, after searching around the net in the last months,
my pages and this mailing-list are the only "P900 and Linux" resource.

To subscribe to this list, send an empty e-mail to:


using this subject:


This list is moderated by me; this means that I will remove posts
that aren't directly related to these subjects:

1) developing free software (GNU-licensed or freeware) for P900
starting from a Linux environment, or for Linux environment (but
directly related to P900);

2) connecting a P900 and a Linux box for networking, backupping, etc;

3) connecting a P900 and any infrared/bluetooth/USB-capable hardware;

4) announcing/testing new P900-related hardware;

5) replacing P900 operating system with Linux!

Note 1: only English language is accepted.

Note 2: we assume no one needs M$-Windows to use his/her P900.

For the summary of all news, files to download, P900 photos and
screenshots, and much more information, have a look to my P900 pages:

main index:

presentation of this mailing-list:

This list is meant for technical discussions only. If you want
to chat, ask for some new games and ringtones, get "newbie" help
and similar things, this is *NOT* the right place.


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