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Of course the Harry Potter films have the benefit of closely following the 
series of novels; the sequels are not slam-dash follow-ups Frankensteined by 
hack writers.

"Bolenbaugh, Tom" <TBolenbaugh@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm not looking forward to T3 myself.  I'm more looking forward to Jason vs 
Freddy than T3, but then there's no chance of me being disappointed by Jason 
and Freddy.  I know that movie will be a bomb ; )  I liked T2 well enough but 
the magic was already slipping there.

I absolutely must take issue with your mentioning Predator 2 as if it were a 
good movie.  While I didn't hate it, it's so far below the first in quality 
that it really doesn't deserve to be on your list.  By the way, the Alien skull 
in the trophy room was my favorite part.

I'm with you on all the others.  Also add Leathal Weapon to the list of movies 
with a good sequel (and several ok sequels).  Harry Potter's done pretty darn 
good too.  

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No trailer for T3? Hmmm...now I am concerned. 

ESB not on a par with Star Wars: ANH.... Empire kicked ass and will be the 
yardstick for the fall of the Old Republic in the third film.  Army of 
Darkness was not better than Evil Dead 2? Wrath of Kahn was in anyway worse 
than Star Trek: The Motion Picture? Aliens? Predator 2? Back to the Future 
was fairly consistent throughout. Indy Jones...well Raiders was the best of 
the three, but not a bad set of movies so far. 

Now there is a glut of bad ideas for sequels this summer: American Wedding 
(American Pie 3---anyone taking bets that there is going to be wedding cake 
humping?) Fast and Furious 2 (worse title than Dumberer, but it eludes me at 
the moment) a Legally Blonde 2 and I am willing to bet there is even more 
tripe under the radar at the moment. Ted? 

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Having just rewatched the first one, I am inclined to agree as well, which 
surprises me as Godfather is just about the only sequel I ever concede to 
being at least as good as the original.  I did notice some casting changes 
for characters with minor parts in the first and more prominent parts in the 
second which still annoyed me nonetheless.  This leads me to bring up 
something I'm a little worried about.  While I don't mind it as long as they 
come out with high quality movies, if they ruin X-Men by carrying it on for 
too long, I'm gonna kill someone.  I don't wanna see them running this into 
the ground like they did with Batman.  Once your main actors decide they're 
not coming back, it's time to call it quits. 
P.S.  I think Cyclops is just as much of a wanker in the first as he is in 
the second. 
P.P.S.  Don't forget Dumb and Dumberer.  That movie is truly destined for 

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Saw it. Liked it. Better than the first one, IMHO. 

Lot's of butt kicking. Lot's of fan-boy eye candy. And 
some fan-girl eye candy (saw it with the wife). My 
only complaint: Cyclops is a wanker. 

Also got trailers for Hulk, Matrix 2, LXG. This summer 
might not suck for movies. 

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