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The GURUYeah, I use GURU a lot. It's really good for basic characters. I made 
my pirate with GURU, and my new Cape and Mask.

Mike Chambers
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I was playing with the GURPS GURU more in detail last   night and as I get more 
familiar with it I like it even more. 
        While not as   pretty or simple as Character Sheet, it's much more 
robust.  If you are   going to make a more complex character, the GURU is the 
better tool.    They even kindly included templates for all the Black Ops 
classes, for which I   am eternally grateful.  
        GURU handles   Supers very well.  It can even do gadgets by allowing 
you to plug in   limitations to your powers.  You fill in the description field 
for each   power connected to the gadget, plug in the appropriate limitation 
percentages   and it does the rest.  By grouping them using the sort field you 
can put   multiple powers from the same gadget together for quick reference.
        I did find a   bug in the calculations.  If you add more than one 
limitation to a power   it calculates the cost correctly, but as soon as you 
save the sheet it reverts   the cost to only the first limitation.  There is an 
easy work-around, you   plug in the limits and get the correct cost, then plug 
that cost into the   "custom cost" field and it overrides any calculations for 
that ability.    Then you can save it just fine.
        If you want to   do a super, a psionic, a cyborg, a voodoo priest or 
something as complex as a   black ops agent, you want to use the GURU.  If you 
want a more basic   character, including a normal mage, (and you have a Mac) 
the Character Sheet   program is great.
        One more thing   about the GURU, the descriptions of the skills and 
whatnot are page references   to the appropriate book, so if you want details 
about a skill or power you   will need to look it up.  However you can also 
plug in the info by   editing the description of the skill, so if you have a 
lot of time on your   hand you could transcribe all the descriptions into the 

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