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  • Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 15:48:17 -0400 (EDT)

  I'm not in favor of the PC profusion, but I don't think this specific
issue is a problem in a comic book setting. In Marvel, there are what, 300
or so heroes living on Manhattan (only a slight exageration)? But when the
huge, world destroying space ship shows up over the Baxter Building, the
Fantastic Four almost never gets any support. Does everyone else have a
hair appointment? Spider Man once took out a herald of Galactus by himself
before the FF could even get to the scene. Why don't they just keep his
phone number handy, so the next time a Herald shows up, they let him nail
the guy instead of wrecking 20 city block to fight to a standstill (as is
usuall the case when the FF fights a Herald)? Because it's a comic book,
and once you look at the cover, you know who will be showing up and you
know that everyone else is almost always not going to show up.
  I have no problem with making sure the PCs know that they are the ones
who are here, and they can't ever expect backup. That's just the way the
comics work.

On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, Steve Mollett wrote:

> I DO hear what everyone's saying here, BUT we still have the clutter problem, 
> even on the NPC level.
> One could simply say the missing NPCs are doing their own thing, but what if 
> the PCs are facing a menace that requires a creative solution, BUT one PC 
> recalls, "Hey...let's buzz Captain Whitebread on the communicator; he knows 
> how to destroy a two-headed org!"
> The GM must either do a fancy song and dance on Captain Whitebread NEVER 
> being available when you need him, or trot him out as an NPC "ringer" (which 
> would also hurt creative game play).
> Aaron Einhorn <desire_endless@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> --- Steve Mollett wrote:
> > But 'vanish' in what sense? Retire? Die? Get retconned into never
> > having been introduced?
> >
> > Orrrrr....simply become an inactive PC cluttering the canvas...the
> > very thing I'm hoping to discourage.
> Bingo. There's the rub. But, there still needs to be some flexibility.
> There's a lot to be said for trying something new, but then what
> happens?
> Of course, there's always the possibility of play 'em once, and if you
> choose not to keep them, they become an NPC, for GMs to do with as they
> please. This would free up the canvas, give more NPCs to GMs, and
> address the issue of "Why are the PCs the only Superheroes in this world?"
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