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Personally, I think the players here are usually good enough to avoid power
gaming.  There are a lot of things we have in this unvierse that could be
abused, but we don't do it.  As long as we continue down the line of "we
know we can, but we're still not going to"  there's not that much of a
problem, IMHO.
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  >If after playing Nightcrawler Brandon realizes he is
  better suited to play Thug-like heroes instead of the stealthy hero, then
  Nightcrawler can simply vanish back into the canvas that is our gaming

  But 'vanish' in what sense? Retire? Die? Get retconned into never having
been introduced?

  Orrrrr....simply become an inactive PC cluttering the canvas...the very
thing I'm hoping to discourage.

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