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I could always use the extra money...

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OK, I can see your point, especially for NPCs.

I am hesitant to carve out a seperate place for PC
data for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, people
tweak character sheets. As long as they tweak them and
then update the online version of the character sheet,
we're fine. If we have seperate places in the database
where this stuff is residing, we start to get in
trouble with versioning. The other reason I hesitate
is because I don't see a character sheet as an
overwhelming piece of data. Even if you only need to
see a small part of it, seeing the whole thing does
not make it impossible to parse with the naked eye.
Moreover, having the extra detail might be handy in
case inspiration strikes.

My suggestion on this one is simply to have a
"character sheet" hyperlink, even if the "character
sheet" in question is only a sketchy write-up (in the
case of most NPCs).

I hope I am not coming off like I'm shooting down your
idea. I think it's good, but I am also a bit of a
neat-freak when it comes to databases (and ONLY when
it comes to databases). They get messy really fast
unless you are hard and fast about what goes into the

Now, the other option is we actually put all the
character sheets into a database, pull our money, and
hire an office temp to do all the data entry ;)

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> I am only recommending a field where I can list the
top 7 to 10 
> things a GM
> would need to know about a PC or NPC.  Some of the
NPCs don't even have a
> character sheet, they only exist as a paragraph of
description of their
> basic powers.
> There is a big difference between wanting to list a
few items, and listing
> an entire character sheet.
> Or maybe this information is best put into the
character description.
> Nevermind.
> -w

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