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  • From: Ted Brengle <ted.brengle@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: oxfordgamers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 01:07:30 -0400

"S. Mollett" wrote:

> Just for those who might have been worried and
> haven't seen the movie yet, AOTC is great. :)

    For those of you keeping score at home, Spidey
is still probably the better movie, but I liked
AotC more (I'm biased) and had a *great* time.

    Unlike the rather considerable systemic
problems with Ep.1, my biggest carping with Ep. II
are as follows:

    -I would have liked to have seen more Sideous
because Ian McDiarmid is just so damn good and
Palpatine is just such a wonderful Machiavellian
schemer. "I love democracy," indeed.

    -I would liked to have seen more Lee, because,
well, it was Lee (as has been amply covered in
another thread) and his character Dooku cried out
for some scenes elaborating on his backstory,
which--considering its vast potential--seemed just
a tad skimpy to me as is.

    -A couple of 3PO's lines grated. But, overall,
as comic relief he worked *far* better than a
certain someone (who's expulsion to the outer
darkness in this film was so total it actually
surprised me a little).

    -This film featured the worst score of John
Williams' career. Recycling themes is one things;
recycling whole action cues from TPM with no
variation so you don't have to compose any new
material is another. This film wasn't scored, it
was temp-tracked with the previous movie's
soundtrack CD. If there is one insanely
disappointing element on the prequel trilogy so
far for me, it is the musical nap that Williams
took on this one (and yes, that's counting Jar-Jar
in TPM).

    That's about it. If it wasn't as good as the
middle trilogy (both TPM and AotC still feel more
like supplemental readings for 4, 5, and 6 than
stand-alone movies), it was still thrilling,
engrossing fun with likable human (and thus
engagingly doomed) heroes, strong villains,
amazing action set pieces and effects, scrumptious
art design, and some moments of the mythic power
that Star Wars can channel when Lucas has his mojo

    Darker (with more--albeit
bloodless--beheadings, dismemberments and
eviscerations than I even remotely expected), and
very dense with visual detail, plot and character
beats (not to mention several audience-pleasing
nods to the other films in the series) this thing
is going to win back a lot of fans pissed off
(unduly so, but these are fans we are talking
about) by TPM.

    And one last thing: Despite the slamming poor
Natalie and Hayden have recieved in the press,
they both came off far better than I expected.
Indeed, there are some moments of legitimate
emotion in AotC--as opposed to the barren
emotional landscape of TPM--including arguably the
most effective death scene in the entire series so

    It's really quite good. The critics are
shockingly (almost suspiciously) full of shit on
this one. Go see it.


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