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  Other excluded parties include charities (which really means
telemarketers who make their profit from calling for charities), financial
services and the entire communications industry (cable and phone companies
for the most part). In other words, 85 to 95% of all telemarketing calls
are exempt.

On Sat, 18 May 2002, Mike Chambers wrote:

> At this point, it is a gizmo arms race. According to
> an NPR report, the telezapper works as designed. In
> other words, it freaks a signal to telemarketers'
> auto-dialers that make them think your line is dead or
> busy. This does not effect calls that don't come from
> auto-dialers (i.e. calls that are not from
> telemarketers).
> However, telemarketers are now installing smarter
> auto-dialers that aren't freaked by the telezapper. I
> think our best hope may be with the "don't-call
> registry" legislation being sloshed about at state and
> federal levels. And even this "last best hope" is
> fraught with problems. Like most legislation, it is
> riddled with speical-interest loopholes. Insurance
> agents, for example, are exempt from the don't-call
> guidelines that are being proposed at the federal
> level. There are others that I can't think of off the
> top of my head.
> As annoying as they are, I have to wonder what the
> telemarketing success rate is. I can't believe that
> businesses would do it if it weren't profitable.
> --- "S. Mollett" <rmollett@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I was wondering, have any of you looked at, used, or
> > know someone who has used that 'Telezapper' that is
> > advertised on T.V.? Does anyone know if it really
> > works?
> >
> > Andrea -- Who is stalked by telemarketers
> >
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