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Remember that to be an effective occultist you don't need high levels in
initiation, ritual magic and the paths.  Trying to be really good at all
three isn't necessary and would cost a ton of points.  However someone who
really was good at all three could pose a threat to the cosmic characters,
so that's not unreasonable.

You know, if you make Dr. Occult and I make John Constantine and we find the
right GM we could spin off a whole Sansoniverse Vertigo series.

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> Aaron, I disagree.  If Dave was able to create an Initiate priest with 125
> points for the Japan game, you can do it with 250.  Doctor Occult's
> 'thing' is
> magic.  So what if his other stats don't fit Crimson Fury or Darkman.
> -w

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