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Having looked, I have an idea.  My personal favorite comics were Spiderman
and X-Men.  Since Spidey's been taken (ARRRRG!!!!), that leaves me with less
choice.  Thus, here are my interests: Wolverine, Cyclops, Gambit, and Iceman
have not been used.  I'm not sure which interests me most as I'm not
familiar with the rules and possibilities in the Sansoniverse.  Plus, since
t seems some villains are heroes here, it make the decisio nthat much harder
(Pyro and Bullseye suddenly come to mind) I'm gonna need some help with this

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Go to the above link to see what heroes from comic books have already been
used, first.  That should help you shorten the list of possibilities.

On game day, arrive a little earlier and we can get you a hero created.
GURPS is an easy system to learn.  Character Generation can take a long
time, but it can go quick one you are used to it.

If you want to read over the basic rules ahead of time, go to:

32 pages of basic GURPS.

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I would really love to play, but I fear I do not know the system at all.
Any suggestions???


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