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That sounds incredibly awesome!

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Logically, if Supers are prevalent, some of them will never leave their
hometowns. Had Xavier never come calling, Colossus would probably never
have left his farm. And the same stands to reason.

Any city of any decent size would attract a few Supers. Imagine, you're
a farm boy in Lima, who suddenly becomes super-strong, able to fly, and
can throw cosmic bolts. You might go to New York City, or Gotham. But
then, you'd be rubbing shoulders with Captain America and the Joker,
and that's kinda intimidating. So, why not move to Cleveland? There's
plenty of crime in Cleveland, you'll be a local hero, and you don't
have to worry about the Patchwork Man.

Now, as far as high-tech or "accident" heroes goes, it makes more sense
for them to be created around other Supers. DuPont is a little less
likely to create a super-powered being accidentally then, say, Dr.
Richards or Dr. Octavius is.

Hmm. I'm seeing an adventure seed in my head?

"Road Trip! Realizing the number of Supers in the world who they are
unaware of, the Justice League travels from New York to Los Angeles,
stopping in as many cities as possible, trying to discover the "Local
Color," in their quest for future allies, and potential enemies."
(Capes & Masks, multi-part adventure)

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