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Depends on how important it is to him.

        Generally I'd call it a quirk.  You could link it to something like
Strong Will, explaining that it is his faith that gives him the will, which
wouldn't change the game terms but would add depth to the character.  Or if
you want to push it into other realms you could even look into something
like True Faith.  But that's really going a bit overboard I think, unless
you want to hang with Ghost Fighter and take on evil spirits.

        For Kurt from the books, I'd put it as a quirk and use it to flesh
out his personality and explain some of his motives.  You could take "Goes
to church on Sunday" and "Says a rosary every day" as quirks, or something
like that, which would be interesting along "Loves swashbuckling movies" and
"Flamboyant nature".

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> OK, antyone got any ideas on how to deal with his religious nature?
> Os
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> If you have the points, buy Full Coordination more than once.
> Full Coordination/1, gives 1 additional attack (with another limb)
> In Nightcrawler's case, you could try for FC/2 or FC/3, 2 additional or 3
> additional attacks, respectively.
> Maybe even FC/4 if you want to attack with every limb and your tail!
> -w

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