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RE: [oxfordgamers] Re: Mutants & Masterminds? Yes.An interesting thought; we 
request that players keep characters down to 3 PC's. Perhaps we ask GM's to 
whittle down up-coming issues to 1 or 2? Or only post adventures that are in 
the can and ready to roll?
It does seem odd that even the whisp of an idea becomes an up-coming issue.
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        I   almost never look at the Upcoming Issues section of the 
Sansoniverse   page.  All it does is remind me that we don't get to game as 
much as we'd   like and makes me feel pressured to do things.  That's why I 
don't send   any more of my adventures to the page for posting.
        Like most of the other GM's, I've got several adventures in the   
chute, but I'm not going to post them until we actually play them.    
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Maybe Ted is more responding more to the overall girth     the S-verse has 
gained in its lifetime.      Playing a game with a fresh universe can give one 
a cleaner feeling, but not as fulfilling.  The s-verse has     a life all its 
own, a past and a present.      Aaron's universe has no past, it is only a 
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