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Thoughts on both items addressed to me:
1)HArd-cover is fine, I'll bring a check with me tomorrow night
2)I'm most definitely NOT hung over tonight as noone showed up.  OK, one
person showed up, but still.  Thus, I'm hoping friday night goes better.

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Mike, can you repost the link to Sansoniverse DB? Dumb-ass me forgot to
bookmark it, so I can't revisit it to see the changes. :)

Brandon, I forgot the party was tonight. By the time you read this, you
should have a hangover. If not, someone did something wrong.

Brandon & Chad, I have your GURPS books. You both owe me money.
Brandon, the softcover GURPS rules are no longer in print. If you don't
want the hardcover, we can work something out. I could cut the cost,
give you my softcover, and keep the hardcover for myself. We'll discuss
it later.

Nico, Sengouku (sp?) was out of stock. It's on order though.

John & Mike, I appreciate the hospitality offers, but even making it a
"quick" night in Columbus, we didn't get home until after 10. I'm
really beginning to loathe that drive....

See people tomorow night I hope.


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