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Ted just realized that none of us know how to get there for tomorrow's 
gaming.  Could we have some directions please?

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> "S. Mollett" wrote:
> > Please bring it if you can. :) And if ted makes it, we'd have two to work
> > with.
>     I am coming and I am bringing the battlemap, so we can have two.
>     The rather frightening mention of two battle maps reminds me of my own
> delusional plans for the big climax of my own little Star Wars campaign. 
> I've
> long known that I would need at least two battle maps going concurrently to
> do it right, as the last episode ends--predictably enough--with a huge,
> sprawling battle that (in proper Lucas fashion) would quickly cut between 
> the
> different sets of characters involved in each sub-conflict (land, space and
> lightsaber, of course).
>     You know, there are times I suspect it might be for the best that this
> campaign will probably never be finished.... The logistics would be a
> nightmare.
>     But it would be cool.
>     -Ted

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