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My Japan game isn't a horror game, it's a fudal adventure in historic Japan.

Oni and spirits are minor players in the world.  Conspiracies don't exist.
There's nothing more to see here.  Move along.


(what was that about 1st level initiates and resisting posession?  Oh never
mind, it wasn't important anyway.  This isn't a horror game.)
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> Chad Wilson:
> > Look, because of my poor judgement, the cub is now an
> > initiate.  This is a good thing, right?
> Have you READ Voodoo? Being a first level Initiate without any
> knowledge of Ritual magic is really just a good way to say "Look! Here
> I am! Come eat me!" <grin>
> Hmmm. Ya know, I'm beginning to dig the idea of Voodoo magic in a
> Horror game...
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