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  • Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 08:18:06 -0700 (PDT)

OK, I slipped "Player Name" back into the Results
page, with the understanding that we are still
tweaking the meaning of this field (the person who
created the character? The person who runs the
character? Or the person who simply has a general
association with the character? All semantics, and not
strictly the DBA's problem).

About pics... All player and character pics will have
the OSP2 (Official Sansonoverse Picture Placeholder)
unless otherwise specified BY THE PLAYER. So, no
flapper-dress Nico unless he chooses to make it so.
Sorry, Brandon, you'll just have to use your

Note to Steve: I nabbed a pic of you from your web
site, I can use a different one if you wish.

--- Brandon Keller <kellerbj@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A few things....while I did notice that searching by
> player names will give
> you their characters (and I loved the part about
> Tim),  I really liked the
> player names being in the little catalogs like they
> were previously.  I like
> the pics added in the extras portion.  I also like
> the new organization the
> catalogs have.
> Os
> P.S.  As far as pics for players, I think the S-base
> needs to feature
> "Flapper-dress Nico"
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> ...and going home!
> The Sansonobase has arrived at its (relatively)
> permanent home:
> www.cyberchambers.org/sverse
> Some nice improvements and lots of new entries (I'm
> finally through the B's!). Most notable is the
> "...more" link at the end of the summaries on the
> Results page. Current summaries on the Results page
> are limited to 25 words. I can adjust this if it
> doesn't seem to work.
> Our most recent winner of the Bucky Barnes Huge
> Fucking Picture award goes to... Harvey Bullock!
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