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Christina would make a fine grey spy.  I think Bacca would get the better
deal, it's a lot easier to find black trenchcoats ; )

Was it a port of the C64 game?  They actually made two of them.  The first
was the two of you in a split screen running around a building planting
traps and fighting with sticks while searching for a briefcase.  If you
found it you tried to find the door outside to get to the airport.

The second game was on an island after the plane gets shot down.  They were
some of the first split screen games to come out for the C64.

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> > We have got to get you guys Spy vs Spy outfits.
> Sure thing. But I get to be the White Spy. :)
> Ooh, and we could get Christina a Grey Spy outfit. This could be fun.
> :)
> Incidentally, does anyone remember the Spy v Spy NES game? Good times.
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