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I'm not a huge fan of "The House of the Dead" video game by Sony but I don't
dislike it either.  I simply don't have the right system to try the games.

But it turns out they are making a movie based on the game and Penny Arcade
has been taking shots at the director.  They posted the link to the official
movie website and what I saw there was indeed horrible.


First off, the site looks like it was designed by a blind monkey from
Geocities.  The popup ads are of a kind I'm not used to seeing on sites I
can safely view at work.  Dodger and Leo could come up with a better layout
and the artwork looks like it came from a disk of clip art for the Commodore

Then I read the synopsis.  I don't know which is worse, the storyline itself
or the writing skills of their PR person.  I guess we know what Kurrage Mihn
has been doing since his work on "Finality".   

Say it with me people, "In a time to die, billions will!".  


HORROR/ACTION. It's Spring Break and college co-eds CYNTHIA (SONYA SALOMMA),
GREG (WILL SANDERSON) and KARMA (ENUKA OKUMA) just want to party. When they
learn about a Halloween rave happening on a remote island near Seattle from
Greg's best friend, SIMON CRUZ (TYRON LEITSO), they rush to recruit their
heartbroken roommate, ALICIA (ONA GRAUER), to join them. Reluctantly, she
agrees, but by the time they arrive at the party boat, it's already left for
the island. 

Not willing to accept defeat, Simon pays the hard-as-nails boat captain,
VICTOR KIRK (JURGEN PROCHNOW), to charter his vessel, the Lazarus, to take
them to the rave. Pursued by the coast guard, Kirk barely eludes his
nemesis, JORDAN CASPER (ELLIE CORNELL), and reaches shore safely. 

But when they arrive on the island, they find it completely deserted. As
they search for the missing ravers, they encounter mysterious creatures
which attack them. Seeking refuge in a spooky house, built along the shore
of the island, the terrified students encounter Alicia's ex-boyfriend, RUDY
(JONATHAN CHERRY), and his friend, HUGH (MICHAEL EKLUND), two of the only
survivors of a horrible melee which took the lives of everyone at the rave.
Unable to believe Rudy's story of bloodthirsty zombies, Hugh plays back a
videotape which shows an onslaught of the deadly creatures devouring the
ravers during the party. 

Hoping to escape from the island alive, they make a run for the charter
boat, but Captain Kirk has problems of his own as strange, mutated beasts
begin to climb onboard and attack the ship, while the surviving ravers make
a desperate attempt to reach the boat. Fleeing to shore, as the boat is
overrun by zombies, they nurse their wounds only to be confronted with more
deadly creatures. 

Attempting to make it back to the house to seek sanctuary from the growing
number of zombies, they square off against more of the killer beasts
prowling through the woods. Staving off an attack, they make it safely into
the house where they search for any weapons they can use against the
encroaching zombies... 

The Dead Walk...You Run
Story by Mark Altman and Dan Bates 
Screenplay by Dave Parker & Mark Altman
Directed by Uwe Boll

based on the bestselling game from Sega

© 2002 BOLLKG 
All Rights Reserved




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